More Monarch Butterflies on the Central Lakes Trail

Monarch Feeding on Liatris

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s been fascinating watching the interrelationships of the flowers and insects along the Central Lakes Trail. Topping the list have been all of those crazily amazing and acrobatic Monarch butterflies as they feast on the nectar of the Rough Blazing Star Liatris.  So what ta heck, it’s my blog. I’m going to post one more series of photos and another amateurish video featuring these lovely creatures and plants.  The top photo is one I was able to capture this morning. The cooler days and nights have prolonged the season of the liatris and the Monarchs are taking full advantage.  Surprisingly, the numbers of flying and feeding Monarchs seems to be increasing.



The video is one I took last Monday. Watch closely and you’ll see the Monarch busily feeding on the flower’s sweet nectar.  They are really amazing to watch as the feed, knock each other off of plants and more. The last Monarch picture is one of another frequent site these past few weeks, Monarchs mating on the liatris plants. I guess that extra energy from the liatris syrup is good for supporting more than just long flights.

Monarchs Mating On Liatris

Well, that’s it for the photo feature on Monarch butterflies. If you have a chance to get out in the country and observe these magnificent and delicate creations, take advantage of the moment. I’m sure they’ll grow on you as well. Thanks for stopping by and have a great night.

Sunset on the Central Lakes Trail

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2 Responses to More Monarch Butterflies on the Central Lakes Trail

  1. Beautiful images, gorgeous contrasting backgrounds and terrific detail in the butterflies & flowers.

    • Jim Rook says:

      Cindy, Thanks for stopping by my site again and taking the time to offer your supportive comments. The Monarchs have been a fascinating subject to photograph. They, as people, seem to have personalities. Some don’t mind the up close and personal shots while others flit away long before you are in macro range. I never thought I’d be interested in video but now I have to admit, the little creatures have me wondering. However, the challenges of single shutter capture continue to test my ability. Guess that’s what I’ll continue to work on.

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