Make An Ordinary Picture Memorable

No doubt about it, I love the lakes area. The blues and greens can be vivid. Ducks, geese, loons, pelicans, cranes and herons can almost always be found.  Yes it’s a visually plush area.  But the point of this post is simple. What would these pictures be without the clouds? Along with the grasses and tree in the foreground, they add perspective and relationship to size. Plus the colors and reflections can be pretty awesome.

So make no doubt about it, clouds can really enhance a picture and turn an ordinary shot into a memorable one.  Getting to the right place at the right time, that’s more of a challenge. Many times I’ve said, “If I’d just gotten here 10 minutes ago” or “I left 10 minutes too soon.”  Patience and persistence as well as watching the sky for developing opportunities are the keys.  As for me, I need to keep working on all of the above. Have a great night.

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