The Challenge of Perspective

Spruce Accented Clouds (28mm, 1/45th sec, f16)

Perspective can be both an enhancement and a challenge. I really hadn’t thought about that when I set out to take some pictures that evening. It wasn’t until I was going through a series of shots taken that hour before sunset a few weeks ago that it hit me.  I was aware of the distance, angle, colors and all but I really hadn’t thought about the small wide-angle effect on the 28mm lens and how that was going to alter the perspective of these shots. I say that as the Nikon D300 is a DX camera and the effective focal length was really about 42mm. As it turned out, I was really quite pleased with the dizzying effect that looking up past the tip of the spruce to the clouds seemed to create. At f-16, everything was crisp and it seemed like the top of the spruce was towering far above and almost touching the clouds.

Sugar Candy Clouds (28mm, 1/30th sec, f16)

A few minutes later, the sun was lower in the sky and the clouds appeared to be constantly changing color.  Here I was again shooting at 28mm at f-16, still working to capture the clouds but this time without the extreme upward angle and also looking away from the sun. Objects seem to stretch out a little more in this shot.

Final Highlights (28mm, 1/125th sec, f8.0)

Taken between the first two photos, the final capture above was again set at 28mm.  As you can tell, this one was taken at that “golden angle” similar to as if you had pointed your index finger at the sun and then followed to where your thumb was pointing. The f-stop was set down to 8 here and the lighting combined with the texture of the trees and clouds seem to give it a slightly softer appearance. Again, the near and far tree lines and the clouds help to give one perspective of size and distance.  This little exercise gave me some additional options to think about when setting up future photos. Hopefully, it may have provided some insight for you as well. Have a good night.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Food for the heart and the brain as well. A perfect kind of post!

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