The Prize

To win is to garner the prize. But what is the prize and what of its meaning? Well for this energetic White Breasted Nuthatch, the little sunflower seed was just what he was hoping to garner on this cold and windy December afternoon. Food, energy, the sustenance of life; yes, survival was what winning the prize was about for him. At that same moment my thoughts of a prize were quite different and not nearly as meaningful. It was late afternoon and I had submitted to using supplemental LED light and a slow shutter speed of 1/60th second at f/6.7. My hope was that I could manage to trip the shutter at the same time he stopped moving. If he stopped moving that is, as these little foragers are constantly on the move. Fortunately he did pause momentarily and I was able to capture a sharp photo during his split second of proudly displaying his trophy for all to see. And that was it; I had my prize as well. Like the Nuthatch and I, the prize takes on a different meaning for each of us. Each day is different with demands and rewards that vary with the conditions and need. Some trophies such as the sunflower seed are indeed important and impactful. Others, like my getting the shot are really just minor and for the most part momentary. Even if a thousand cards are printed and sold of this photo, my accolades would be minor in relation to the importance of that instant in time to this little creature. So it is with each day, the impact we have upon each other and ultimately, the prize.

White Breasted Nuthatch, Sitta carolinensis

The Prize


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