Pause for Inpsection

The ultimate challenges with trying to photograph tiny birds are really pretty basic. Reason number one is obvious; they’re small. And reason number two; they don’t stop moving. The Brown Creeper is notorious for both aspects. From the tip of their curved beak to the end of those long brown tail feathers they total about 5 inches in length. In the middle of a Minnesota winter, that makes them the smallest little feathered creature around. Did I mention they don’t stop moving? They scurry and spiral up and around a tree trunk in search of insects or other tasty morsels. No sooner do you anticipate one is going to stop for a second and they suddenly slip back, shuffle over and then hop down to the base of the next tree and start the whole routine over as they go up it in search of a delectable tidbit. But persistence does pay off as sooner or later the little Creeper will pause for inspection of an interesting nook or cranny. Unless they have sensed danger and go into motionless camouflage mode that momentary delay in the action will likely last less than a second and he’s off again. So just be quick, be persistent and smile as you enjoy this little creature’s antics.

Pause for Inpection

Pause for Inpection

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