Echoes in Blue

Golden hour walks, those minutes just preceding and following sunset, can be so inspiring. Contrasts are enhanced, colors just pop, the sky takes on a heavenly glow and on frequent occasion the winds settle to a mere whisper. During those instants, sounds are ultra-clear and seem to travel for miles. I really feel at peace during those moments. It’s almost like you are walking with God.

I was on my return leg of such a walk a few nights ago when I noticed the distant trees reflecting off of the placid water. I slid down the bank to get closer to the water surface in order to lengthen my angle of view. It was getting darker by the second and I knew I wouldn’t have long to capture the deepening blue skies as, well you guessed, I forgot my tripod again. So after locking down the ISO, setting the aperture for a strong depth of field and taking a few test shots – it was time. I took a couple of long breaths, braced myself and snapped off a number of shots at 1/3 second. Simultaneously you could hear the Canada Geese honking their way home from feeding. The reverberation of their calls complemented the reflection of the trees and completed these echoes in blue.

Echos in Blue

Echos in Blue

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