There’s Gold in Those Woods

Although the past week of spring days have been rather on the cold side and accompanied by gusty winds, I find that the best therapy for a nagging cold and spring fever is to take a long walk. The fresh air, changing scenery and a few smiling faces along the way tends to brighten one’s spirit. So it was that late yesterday, I ventured to Brophy Park again with camera in tow. Although there remains no sign of anything green, the ice is slowly receding with more open water notable upon each visit. After a few distant snapshots of an unusual trio of guys (a Golden Eye, Hooded Merganser and Canvasback minus any sight of female companionship), I headed up the small hill to the park bench the overlooks the south bay of the still mostly ice covered waters of Union Lake. Although it was cloudy, I thought I’d try to get a couple of shots of the bland scenery and lonely bench that continued to beckon visitors to sit and stay awhile. To my surprise as I was snapping off the first couple of shots, the sun suddenly broke through and cast a welcome, warm glow on the bench, surrounding grass and the woodlands beyond. Timing is indeed everything it’s cracked up to be! I discovered there’s gold in those woods. It’s there for anyone to find. You just need to come by at the right time.

There's Gold In Those Woods

There’s Gold In Those Woods

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