The Shooter – Thomas Mangelson Profile [Reposted from Outlaw Partners]

Thomas Mangelsen, to me, is the most outstanding wildlife photographer of our time. It’s not that others haven’t achieved this quality of photography, but rather that Tom’s heart, soul and passion are so viscerally ingrained in his efforts. Kudos Tom.

The video I’m featuring here is a repost from an Outlaw Partners Facebook posting and they deserve full credit and rights. To go along with the feature story in the winter 2016 issue of Mountain Outlaw magazine, The Outlaw Partners produced this fantastic video profile of Tom. I encourage you to watch this touching look into the heart and soul of this man and then follow the next link for the full article.  Mountain Outlaw Magazine is a vivid, full color, regional magazine exploring the life, land and culture from the heart of the Yellowstone Region. The article about Thomas Mangelsen starts on page 69.  Tom’s gallery deserves a mention and time as well and may be found at Mangelsen Images of Nature Gallery

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