French Creek Reflections with the Fuji X-T1

I’m going to share a recent capture today and introduce a camera system that I’m becoming more and more comfortable each day. I’m not saying it’s the best out there but it certainly is fitting my needs quite well.  A lot has been said about the various cameras and lenses that are out there. Arguments seem to go on and on about full frame versus APS-C, or micro-four-thirds and which is the best. The same goes for the traditional mirrored cameras compared to the emerging mirrorless versions.  Well, I’ve tried most of them over the years and you know what? You can take both lousy and great pictures with all of them.  The key is to find which system best fits your style and go with it.

So what am I shooting right now? Well, it depends. I continue to primarily reach for my Nikon full frame or APS-C cameras and lenses when I’m shooting wildlife. More and more though, I’m feeling very comfortable with the lighter mirrorless Fujifilm X-T1 for my landscapes.  Why did I decide to go the Fuji route rather than with one of the the other mirrorless brands? Don’t confuse the issue even more. From what I’ve seen they are all getting better and better all the time and I dare say most of the higher end models that the various companies offer are superb. What I’ve learned over time, however, is that today’s top digital camera is the dust collector on the shelf in just a few years. On the other hand, that super-sharp, fast focusing lens of today is likely to be your best friend for decades.  I was most impressed with the Fuji glass and thus that’s why I ultimately chose Fuji. What I hadn’t fully understood at the moment I chose to give mirrorless a go was that these mirrorless cameras are basically little computers with highly sensitive sensors. The result, if the mother company decides to do so, is that the software running these little marvels can be updated time and time again.  That is exciting because the improvements can at times be like getting a new camera. Yes!

French Creek Reflections

French Creek Reflections

So today I’m featuring an early morning capture with the challenges of uneven light and awesomely vivid reflections from a small stream located in Custer State Park.  The shot was taken hand held for 1/10th second at 27.5mm with the aperture fully squeezed down to f/22 at  ISO 4,000 on the XF-16:55mm f/2.8 lens.  Yes, I did a little routine Lightroom tweaking on the RAW file but it was the Fuji that captured every particle of color. I have loved the range, sharpness and fast focus reliability of that little lens. And even at the elevated ISO, the capture is highly detailed and has shown well as a 13″ x 19″ print. This highly versatile lens seems to have found itself as a favored choice when I head out the door. However, I just recently became the owner of the XF 16mm f/1.4 prime and I am thoroughly impressed with the detail it can retain.  More to come on that even lighter little beauty in the future. For now, I remain very glad to have the 16:55 as my go to and this capture of French Creek reflections demonstrates why.

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