The Right Light – Finding It

This past Christmas, it was following several hints that I was fortunate to have Susan gift me a copy of Moose Peterson’s book Captured. I’ve marveled at some of the photo’s Moose has snapped, clicked and captured over the years. Following his beginning chapters of how he got into photography, his initial efforts, frustrations and successes was spell binding to me. I couldn’t put the book down. One of the points he emphasized with story and photo, was the ability of the camera to capture up to 5 stops of light difference but not beyond. We can see it but the camera doesn’t have the ability to capture it. Other photos, as in one of his Bald Eagle pictures, demonstrated how with 3 stops or less of variation one can capture considerable detail. 

Early yesterday morning was such a time of experimentation for me. No bright sun to create a lot of contrast but just enough to make some of the natural subtleties “pop”. Yes, if I’d get myself organized and start utilizing some of my investments in lighting the effects could be even more dramatic. Still, the male Redwing Blackbird photo demonstrates to a degree the detail in the feathering that would otherwise get washed out in a bright light. More dramatically, was the capture of the Morning Dove below. I hardly touched either of these photos in PSE. And no, I can’t explain that little purplish colored spot on the doves neck. It was there in all of my snaps of both the JPEG and RAW formats.  But wow, had you ever before realized the color variations and beauty in the Morning Dove’s feathering. I hadn’t.  It’s these forms of discovery that excite me and make me want to work more hastily at furthering my knowledge of light and lighting techniques.  So many wonderful aspects to this world of photography.  Hope you enjoyed these comments and yet more pictures of our feathered neighbors. Have a good night.