Spring is for the Birds

We had a couple of days of nice weather and sunshine. Guess what happened? We had 4 inches of snow on Friday night. Yep, started about 9pm and proceeded through the night. Saturday was cool and windy and even with fresh food out for them, the birds weren’t coming out. Can’t blame them; damp, breezy weather isn’t my cup of tea either. But today, the skies were mostly clear all day the snow was almost all gone again and it seemed like everyone decided it was time to feed. The picture of the female Downy woodpecker is from earlier in the week. You may recall a posting of her “significant other” last week.  I was amazed that I had any kind of clear shot of her as she really had that suet bag swinging.  Still, it didn’t turn out too bad.

With the bright sun shining and the contrast of the grasses, even the lowly sparrow looked pretty decked out. It’s amazing how lighting can affect the detail of the feathering. She looks pretty decked out sitting their in the morning sun. It really helps when you can get a good sharp click off. Finally as shown below, Mr. House Finch was back at the feeder and he made numerous visits I might say. For all the sunflower seed he eats, it’s amazing he can still fly around.  Not as sharp of a picture but the seed hanging out of his mouth along with his brilliant red color still makes for a tempting take.

Even with the snow melting and then coming back again, the lakes are opening up. The rains and high winds of this past week along with 3 days of warmer temps really sapped out the ice.  However, it is to be another cool week with the chance of significant snow later in the week.  Kind of a mental bummer even though it will most likely melt within a day’s time. Thus the longing for warm days and plenty of photo opportunities continues.  So for now, I guess I’ll stay with these little feathered creatures and see what else comes up. At any rate, I hope you enjoyed tonight’s pictures.