First Snow


Cowdry Sunset

Life is a continuous learning adventure. Not a day passes that we are not observing, adjusting, changing and learning.  Such has been the case with my evening efforts at the computer as I try, test, alter, change and learn to use the Lightroom and Nik software.  To say the least, I’m loving the results. I mean, when my wife the quilter who has “the gift” for knowing exactly when colors, light and contrast are correct says how much she is liking my new pictures; well jeez, talk about encouragement.

First Snow

So, I apologize for not posting more frequently in the past month. But now, I’ve no more excuses. Tonight I was able to make the final print adjustment I needed. That is, now I can just drop my edited pictures into the appropriate user template I’ve created and voila, the final product is ready to print to a jpeg and then post. Wow! What a time saver.

Golden Ice Eyes

This past Saturday we had our first snow. It was about 4″ in total and not the sticky and wet stuff; it was a nice clean, white snow. Sunday, I was just going crazy wanting to get out to capture some scenes. Then suddenly, the clouds came around for some wonderful late afternoon shots.  I’d wondered what had been bugging me and causing me to be frustrated and just feeling kind of lost these past couple of weeks. Once out in the woods and walking along the lakeside I knew. It was simply not getting out to see what the good Lord had waiting for me to take pictures of.

Sunset at Cowdry Outlet Piers

So as you can tell, I spent those glorious moments having a little fun. You’ll note a little spruce that’s got light coat of snow and a couple of colorful leaves beside it, a couple of sunsets, ice eyes formed as the lake is starting to freeze over and a now quiet bike trail leading up to and over the Lake Cowdry outlet.


No doubt about it, capturing some of nature’s beauty and oddities makes me a happy camper. Being able to work with some wonderful tools in which to better display them for your pleasure makes the efforts even more worthy. So, I hope you enjoyed this evening’s post. Pull up the covers and sleep well tonight.