Duluth – A Destination

Member of the Welcoming Committee

Every year about this time, the company I work for has their annual conference.  To enhance the experience and enable anyone to go who wishes, the gathering is typically held in three “waves” over consecutive weeks. It’s great that the Board and management care that much about their employees that they try to make it possible for everyone and their spouse to attend. This past weekend, we embarked on the first wave of the 2011 conference. The destination this year, Canal Harbor in Duluth, MN.  Honestly, we couldn’t have been much happier as Duluth and the North Shore of Lake Superior combine to be one of our favorite get-aways.

Bayside on a Summer Day

If you haven’t been there before, it’s typically a great location to visit; especially in the heat of the summer. Although our first two days were much warmer than normal, the final day we were there saw a return of daytime temps to the 70’s. The cool breezes off of the always cold waters of Lake Superior almost always guarantee a decline in temps. That’s not only a relief, it’s encouragement to take advantage of the many recreational aspects (bike and walking trails, parks, etc.) that abound in the city and lakeshore area.

View of City from the Harbor

The city is also known for having some fine cultural events, fantastic museums, historical locations and excellent musical offerings. Be sure to check out some of these sites and offerings during your visit.

Lake Avenue - Road to the Aerial Lift Bridge

While the day light hours have their special times, the nights in the harbor area are spectacular. Several motels, eating establishments and taverns come alive in the night. And even better, the food (both variety and flavor) is terrific.


If you’d like a little quiet time, you’ll want to take a walk along the shoreline board-walk to the shipping canal .  You’ll have the opportunity both day and night to view large fresh and salt water freighters arriving and departing at the port.  The view of the city across the bay is also an evening site you will want to soak in.

Bay and City at Dusk

Of course, you won’t want to miss the featured attraction of Duluth. The Aerial Lift Bridge which permits traffic to Park Point and raises for shipping vessels is always a sight to behold.  Granted, the special effects of lightning is not guaranteed, but the bridge is always a memorable view; especially at night. Duluth, a destination I’d highly recommend.

Aerial Lift Bridge and Lightning