Back on the Central Lakes Bike Trail


Common Milkweed

A good day today. I got a phone call around 10:30 this morning that my bike was checked out, repaired and ready for the road.  So I headed directly to “Jake’s Bikes” and picked up my steed. Those guys are always ready to serve and do a great job of explaining what they’ve done and discovered. Thank goodness they found few surprises and the frame checked out as well.   The new bike seat arrived yesterday, so I got that set up as well. So with repaired bike, new helmet and mending body I was ready to hit the trail again.

When I started on this little odyssey of trying to photograph all the blooming plants along the Central Lakes Bike Trail, I had no idea what I was setting my self up for.  For example, the other night I’m looking through the online wild flower indexes I’ve been using. I’ve got a milkweed picture and I want to get the genus and species name. That’s when I discovered; there are 12 different types of milkweed that grow in Minnesota. Ahhhh! So, appropriately, the first photo for this posting is non-other than what I believe to be the Common Milkweed.  If you think this is not correct, feel free to pass on to me the correction. At any rate, there are a ton of milkweed plants along the trail and it’s really getting to be a butterfly haven.  By the way, did you know that a Monarch butterfly can cruise along at around 12 mph; even with a good cross-wind. I was impressed.

Canada Milkvetch

The second capture of the night is the blossom of the Canada Milkvetch. There are a number of places along the trail where these plants are doing well also. The large flower heads, waving in the breeze about 3 feet above the ground are really eye-catching as you’re cruising down the trail.

For the third and final click of the night, I have yet another photo of Birds-foot Trefoil. I’ve really enjoyed these bright and cheerful flowers. The high levels of moisture we’ve had throughout the summer seem to really please this plant as it continues to bloom and bloom. No complaints from me though as I’m finding it an irresistible object to shoot.

Birds-foot Trefoil

Yes I did make it back out on the trail today. It really felt good to get a good ride in. I was “blessed” with a good soaking as well as I got caught in yet another thunderstorm. They just seem to pop-up with all the heat and humidity this year.  In my next posting, I’ll have some captures of some plants that typify the native prairie region. I think you’ll find them quite interesting as well.  So, that’s it for this evening. Hope you enjoyed the postings and have a great night.