My Bleeding Heart

OK. So much for the dramatic title.  For the photos tonight I owe much thanks and gratitude to my Susan; the gal with the two green thumbs.  I’ve tried the last couple of years to capture her Bleeding Heart plant at its peak. This time, I think I’ve come as close as I’ll get; for this year at least. It was getting a little dark the evening I took these but I was determined that the light was “right” at the time for capturing the glorious color of these beauties. So, I fiddled with the aperture and finally sacrificed a little bokeh for sharpness through a greater portion of the flower.

I also thought these photos helped to depict how beautiful and wonderful creation can be.  Two days after taking these we were on the road to Kansas City to see our daughter, son-in-law and BRAND NEW GRAND-DAUGHTER.  First baby for that couple but our third beautiful little girl that we get to be grand-parents to.  Like the flowers, she is so delicate and beautiful. Yep, you guessed it. Being a grand-parent can be pretty great.  Well, hope you were able to take my gloating and that you enjoyed this evening’s pictures. Have a great night.