Life Is Indeed Special

Canada Anemone

Another dreary day. Hard to believe we haven’t seen the sun since summer began nor have we seen temps above 60. Just a crazy year. But we did wake up to see this day and better yet, the ones we love and care for saw this day as well. Yes, it’s a little cool, a little damp, and a little dreary. However, plant life is green and lush and various bird species continue to disassemble our aging chaise lounge in their quest for nesting material. Life is indeed special and it’s all around us. No, not all days have been cloudy and drizzly. As you may note from this evening’s post, I’ve been out on the Central Lakes Trail again, collecting clicks of the various wild flowers that are currently in bloom.

Wild Rose

Today’s first photo today features a Canada Anemone.  It almost appears royal with its white petals and surrounded in a sea of green with a blanket of purple vetch and neighboring white anemone plants.  This has become a favorite of the season as it undoubtedly likes the cooler days and nights which have prolonged its reign.  Second on the photo list is a Wild Rose bush. Colors can vary from white, to pink to a pale red in this historic charmer of the prairies.  After the flower petals mature and drop, a fruit or “rose hip” will form. In an earlier age, these vitamin C rich fruits were a staple in making pemmican; you might say it was a frontier predecessor to today’s energy bar.

Prairie Coreopsis

The Prairie Coreopsis follows. I’m a little apologetic about this photo as it didn’t come out as sharp as I had hoped for. Quite a bit of breeze that day and between the wind and my shaking; well, I missed it. As you can see, these are quite plentiful in some of the breakouts to native type prairie along the trail and they indicate that the heat of mid-summer will shortly be upon us. Finally, a cheery little plant that just begs you to come and take its picture is displayed in the fourth photo. The brilliant and flashy Prairie Phlox just glows against the background of green grasses. On this click I have to admit I was quite pleased. But then, how can you miss with a subject like this.  Hope you enjoyed this evening’s gallery. Sleep well.

Prairie Phlox