Oh Them Golden Slippers

Yellow Lady's Slipper

As promised last night, a few more pictures from the Central Lakes Bike Trail are being added this evening. It turned out to be a beautiful Saturday. Things started out cloudy and dreary. However, by noon the sky had dissolved to blue sky and all kinds of those low fluffy white clouds we used to give object descriptions of as kids.  Gorgeous day for a picnic and family reunion which was enjoyed by all.  But we got back by 6 and I was able to be out on the bike trail shortly past 6:30.  I did see some photo ops and managed to capture one flower I’ve been trying to get a good click of. Others had to wait as, well, my battery went out and I didn’t have a spare (mortal sin of any digital photographer). Hopefully, I will be able to get these during the coming rides.

White Honeysuckle

The initial post tonight is of one of the gorgeous Yellow Lady’s Slipper that are in abundance on a moist, shady, north facing slope where the old rail bed cuts through a hill-side.  I took several shots of these and this turned out as my favorite.  The second and third postings are of common Pink and White Honeysuckles.  These plants used to thrive as an invasive species whose seed spread from the many shelter belts where it had been planted. An insect spread disease really thinned these down but a few hearty examples survived and passed on their genes.

Pink Honeysuckle

The final post of the night was just a click of some moss and grass growing in one of the wet areas near the Lady’s Slippers.  The greens of the moss and grass appealed to me but even more so were the bluish under-tones of the moss leaves submersed in the water.  None-the-less, I thought it was interesting enough to pass on in tonight’s edition.  Hope you found at least one picture this evening that helped make your day better. Have a good night.

Blue Bubbles