Iridescent Green Wonders Along the Bike Trail

Blooming Moss

Biking and photography should go hand in hand. At least those were my thought when I purchased a rear rack and bag to carry my camera. It worked; kind of. Problem was the time it took to get stopped, off the bike, bag opened, camera out and ready to shoot. Let’s see, what was it I was going to try to capture?  Then late last summer I got a little cell phone carrier and attached it to the fork of the handle bars. It’s just the right size to carry my little Canon SD980. When I see something, I can reach for it, pull it out and I’m ready to shoot.  It was then that I really started taking more and more pictures as I was biking. So it was, with the late season blooms and fall colors that I vowed that this coming year I would try to capture every type of blooming plant along the trail.  So starts my journey.

Wild Violets and Moss Blooms

As I was riding along a week ago this evening, I noticed what appeared to be some reddish colored moss growing along the trail. Some wild violets were in the same area so I decided I’d stop by to check them out on my way back – against the wind.  When I got back to check out the plants I was utterly blown away.  Those little reddish things I had seen were one to two-inch stems that shot up from the moss below. On the end of the tiny reddish stems were these iridescent green ovals that shone brilliantly in the pre-dusk sunlight.  These little jelly bean like globes really made my day.  I encourage you to click on the first picture for a larger view.  If you can’t tell, it really amazed me.  I grabbed a few shots of the moss along side a wild violet and then captured a few clicks of wild violets while I was in the area.

Wild Violet

Beyond the beauty and wonder of creation, the point of this posting is pretty simple. What I’d really thought was going to be the subject of my attention were the wild violets I had spotted.  However, in looking at the surroundings and checking out the area for items of interest, the lowly moss came  forth.  So, just as you should also note what is behind you when taking a sunrise or sunset picture, be patient, take the time to crouch down and scan the area for potential before you dash in for that picture you wanted. You may be pleasantly surprised.  Hope you capture some great memories.  Have a great night.