I Can Breathe Again

Sunset Over Flooded Field

The high levels of heat and humidity noted a week ago have now subsided. Gladly, we now are being blessed with daily temps in the 80’s and night-time lows in the 60’s. But best of all, the humidity level is just over half the level it was. Yes, I can breathe again!  Weather brings times of good fortune as well as disaster.  This time of year, a rain shower is usually welcome. That is, unless it comes in the form of 4 to 8 inches of rain in a 5 hour period. That was kind of our farewell price to pay for getting past the unbearable days. Now, as I write this, a gentle rain has begun and thunder is rumbling in the distance. Let’s hope the rain and winds remain in check.

Common Yarrow

Tonight I have offerings of a couple of flowers and of a sunset over one of the flooded fields.  While the beauty of the sunset reflected in the water is undeniable, the loss of income and production costs will be great for the area farmers. The first two flower photos are of the Common Yarrow. While it is a beautiful plant, those that introduced it years ago had no idea how opportunistic the species could be. Today, as you drive along the country roads and highways, the invasive and noxious listed yarrow plant thrives. Thus, it was interesting to note that in a seed catalog we received today, there were offerings of brightly colored yarrow varieties as well.  I’m wondering if they will be filling the roadsides in a few years as well.

Common Yarrow

A daisy like flower that also appears with the emergence of warmer weather is the Philadelphia Fleabane. Native to much of the U.S. and North America, its delicate flowers are a joy to behold with white, pink and yellow features. Although it hasn’t been one of the predominant flowers along the Central Lakes Bike Trail, you can find it in many of the side ditches. The plants I was privileged to capture were just starting to bloom and I failed to catch them again later when the flowers were fully exposed.

Philadelphia Fleabane

Well, that’s about it for another evening. Oh, you may notice on the final picture, the evidence of spittle-bugs below the Fleabane flower.  That’s another of the learning experiences of photographing flowers; insect life is everywhere and never stops moving. More of those little creatures in future postings. For now, with raindrops continuing to fall gently and the heavens continuing to rumble, I wish you a great night.

Philadelphia Fleabane Flowers