Learning – It Never Stops

Golden Alexanders

Learning; it never stops. It never should stop. If it did, we would cease to exist as well. I thought about that as I was going through the photos I’ve been cataloging, editing and sorting. Concentrating on all of the blooms on the Central Lakes Bike Trail has been more time-consuming than I thought it would be. Enjoyable work it is though! I just wasn’t thinking about how much time it would take to go through the identification process.  I still have at least seven flowers that I’ve photographed but whose identify is still unknown to me.  However, I’ll keep perusing the identification books and websites until their identities are revealed. In the mean time, if you question the identify I’ve attached to any of these, please let me know – I’m a green-horn in this area for certain.

Hairy Vetch and Bee

It’s been a pleasure seeking out the various blooms and plants I’ve seen during the past couple of months. Now with summer settling in, a whole new series of plants are beginning to bloom. The number and variety are truly amazing. And as if it were not enough to capture the flowers, some of the blooming grasses are equally spectacular. Yes, and equally as hard for me to name.  But there are a few new clicks for you to review this evening. First are the Golden Alexander’s. These were among the first to really make their presence known along the edges of the old rail bed. Recently there have been three different types of vetch in bloom. The second and third captures show examples of Hairy Vetch being visited by a hungry little bee.  One thing I’ve really been noticing while taking the macros is all of the insect life present amongst the flowering plants. Nature is indeed busily at work.

Hairy Vetch and Bee

The last flower photo is of the Prairie Ragwort. It’s not exactly a name that makes you want to come quickly to take a look. However, it’s a gorgeous little golden creation.  Well, that’s probably more flower pictures than you wanted to see tonight. There are many more photos to be posted yet but these somehow seemed fitting for tonight.

Prairie Ragwort

So to close things out, a capture depicting one of Minnesota’s 10,000+ lakes during the final moments of daylight. Have a safe and memorable 4th of July. Remember all that you have to be thankful for and say a prayer for those who currently serve and have served to protect our rights and freedom.

Lake Cowdry Sunset