They’re Yosta Saskatoon Berries

Saskatoon Berry Blooms

Ever feel like there is so much to do in a day? Even with the longer days, it’s like I’m even more like the birds at this time of year; need to get up and go from light to dark. On the other hand, it can be like burning both ends of the candle. I say that especially as I’m finding I’m not getting any younger.  That said, I wanted to get out some other week old pictures yet this evening.  As I mentioned just a couple of days ago, there are so many flowers, and trees and bushes blooming right now. I’m like a kid in the chocolate store.

Yosta Berry Blooms

The first post of the night is of the flowering Saskatoon or June Berry.  As kids, we used to have a portion of one north facing hill-side that was blessed with these tall bushes. I don’t remember much about the blooms back then but the berries were delicious.  The second post is from another child-hood favorite, the Yosta Berry. These plants are like a cross of currants and gooseberries; bigger than currants and sweeter and not thorny like gooseberries.  And as you can tell, they have a beautiful blossom as well. Well that’s about it for sharing this evening. I have a long day ahead tomorrow but I’m sure that there will be pictures to be taken; just as with the last shot of the evening. These were just a group of clouds off to the north as the sun was setting. A great scene to end the day with. Have a good night as well as a great and safe Memorial Day. God-Bless our fallen soldiers.