Reflections on Tulip Blooms and Things Important

May 10th.  It is near impossible for the human mind to fathom all that can change in 8 days.  On May 1st and 2nd, there was snow falling sporadically and menacingly each day.  A clear message that we are not the one’s in control.  Within 5 days we had our first thunderstorm; a three hour rumble that started at 3:45 am.  Now, 8 days later, we are feeling scorched in near 80 degree temperatures and finally, the first tulips have opened.

I needed that.  My work schedule has been grueling lately and at times it seems like the more effort that is put forth, the greater the push back. Today, more was piled on and just as I was about at the end of a short rope, I spotted these golden icons growing just a few feet from my chair.  Ahhhh.  A spot of beauty and serenity to ease my mind and bring me back to what is most important.

We all need those little reminders and tid-bits of peace added to our daily lives. Like the fragile beauty of these flowers, the troubles of today will melt away soon. Only to be forgotten as the next blossoms emerge to grasp for our attention. So it was this evening as I sat down to review and prepare these pictures for posting. My youngest daughter called from college. So good to hear her voice and know that she will be back home in just a few more days.  The special things in life; loved ones, time together and tulips.  I guess today wasn’t so bad after all.