Autumn Scenes at Glacial Lakes State Park


Little Bluestem Natural Prairie

I’m having a heck of a time getting at posting new photos. Had so many takes to go through and once you’re back at work after vacation it seems to take some time to get back in the groove.  No chance that it’s age! Anyway, tonight the featured location is Glacial Lakes State Park.  It’s a rather quiet Minnesota State Park located in the glacial hills area south of Starbuck, MN.  One of the key aspects of the park is that in addition to some virgin prairie that has never been scarred by the plow, they have been working over the years to expand the native prairie area.  That means much of what you see when visiting the park is pretty much as it appeared over a hundred years ago.  Prairie, intermingled with moraines, kettles, lakes, woods and streams makes for both interesting plant and animal life.

Eight-spotted Forester (Upside Down)

The first photo features Little Bluestem grass. Mixed in with 3 types of golden rod, several asters, some Big Bluestem and Side-Oats Gramma, the Little Blue makes up a high percentage of the native grass on the mesic prairie.  While walking the paths that weave through the prairie grasses and flora I came upon this little Eight-spotted Forester; noted in the second capture. The fuzzy black and white moth kept trying to climb to the end of the blade of grass; wings vibrating the whole way. Whenever I used a finger to gently lift him “right-side up” he’d flip right back over. Finally, when he reached the end of his grass bridge, he dropped to the grass below, landed up-right and then fluttered off to new turf. He was a joy to observe.

Green Ash in Fall Color

During our visit to the Park, some of the trees and sumac were beginning to display their fall fashion flare. Green Ash, as noted above, was turning yellow and showed a nice contrast to the green oaks, deep blue sky and fluffy clouds present that day. And finally, the grove of Poplar interspersed with sumac was a sight I just couldn’t pass by without takes a few clicks.    Glacial Lakes State Park, a peaceful place to enjoy a day learning more about nature. Have a great evening everyone.

Poplar and Sumac Fall Color