A Bit of Glendalough in the Spotlight

Burr Oaks at Glendalough (32mm, 1/90th sec, f/5.6, ISO 200)

Susan and I made a one day excursion to Glendalough State Park near the end of July.  Glendalough features five lakes; four being under regulation of no motors. The larger Lake Blanch  and Annie Battle Lake are sandy and pristine. The  historic Glendalough lodge on the north side of Annie Battle has been restored and provides particulars of the park’s history as a private retreat and game farm for the Minneapolis Tribune. The park geography also features rolling oak meadows, low lands, a meandering stream and prairie.  So we loaded up the kayaks and went up for a day of relaxation. As in most of these prairie areas, the winds came up later in the morning and curtailed our kayaking. Still, we were able to cruise about Anne Battle and were amazed at the clarity.

As much of this summer has been witness to, the temps rose to the mid and upper 80’s by noon and the humidity rose with it.  We gathered up our lunch for a bite under the burr oaks along Sunset Lake and then headed out for an early afternoon hike.  With brilliant sunshine beating down on us, it wasn’t the most photogenic time to be out.  Still, as we strode along the trails that wove through the wooded and prairie areas, we were offered some opportunities to grab a few nice captures.  The aged stands of burr oak were quite intriguing with their twisted branches and deeply furrowed bark. Pulling detail out while managing for the brilliant background was a little challenging. That’s the nice part of shooting digital though; the camera comes with a lifetime supply of “film”.

In the Spotlight (38mm, 1/250th sec, f/5.6, ISO 200)

The second picture I’m featuring in this post is a wonderful demonstration of what photo possibilities you may find, even in the harshest light of mid-day.  As we rambled along the edge of the forested trail, I could see the high-lighted plant glowing up ahead of us. Just as you see in the picture, the sun beam just made it through the canopy of oaks and set off the leaves and flowering heads of this yet to be identified plant.   I always smile when I see something like this show up in front of me. It’s just a great opportunity to gather some nice shots of nature in all her glory.  Well, that’s it for now. If you’re in the Battle Lake area, give the nearly 2,800 acres of Glendalough a bit of your time. Her undeveloped tracts of lake shore will inspire your imagination. Have a great night.