Draw Your Eye First to the Highlights


Clouds off Townhall Road

Hard to believe we are here in the middle of June all ready. Have I been shooting? Yep.  Big deal is trying to work out what it is I really want to go after this year. It’s rather surprising that despite the warm early weather this spring, the flower numbers and quality have not been that great on the bike trail. That and we’ve had a ton of wind lately which doesn’t exactly make for great petal quality. So what have I been working on? Well, two areas basically. Subject wise, I’ve been concentrating on combinations of landscapes and clouds; all the while looking for how light is reacting and attempting to visualize the Zones that Ansel Adams would encourage one to see. The second area I’ve been working through is in editing.  The new Lightroom 4 has been interesting and fun to use and I’m beginning to get a handle on what combinations of LR and NIK software work best in various situations. Along with that, I’ve really been trying to become aware of what opportunities could really make a dramatic Silver Effects Pro (SEP) conversion to black and white.

Spring Clouds

So here and in postings yet to come, I may be featuring more clouds than you’d like to see. Don’t worry, I’ll mix in some other subjects as well. However, I’m finding cloud formations and how light and various angles of the sun at different times of the day affects what the eye sees compared to what the camera is able to capture. Also I’ll be asking you for some feedback regarding techniques and color vs. black and white comparisons. For example, both takes shown this evening have been edited with SEP. If at first they seem a little dark to you that’s all right. My objective here was to draw your eye first to the highlights in the clouds, then to the layered structure and background of clouds and finally to the scale comparison with trees and such in the foreground. I think if you click on them to see the larger sized version you may better see my intentions. If I’ve over or under done something in your opinion, let me know.

At any rate, I’d appreciate feedback as I’m always trying to find out what it is in a photo opportunity or edit that someone else sees but I do not. Hope you enjoyed and have a good night.