Controversy Will Only Make You Better

Ok. So you’ve taken that landscape shot featuring a cloud enhanced sunset as viewed across a shimmering, serene lake.  Highlights and contrasts are noted and you think, “Hey, this may be a great black & white picture.” So you’re back at the screen later, retrieving the details of the RAW file, tweaking it a little and finally running it through SEP.

Now the dilemma hits. Which to I really want to print? In our household, this capture along with a few others has created a little controversy.  Both images have some qualities you like; vivid and contrasting colors, structure, depth of field and so on.  In this instance, Susan really liked the color version. As a quilter, she has a unique gift of being able to piece together colors and shapes I’d never dream would ultimately join to become work of art. But when finished, there it is as beautiful as can be.  So as you may have guessed, she liked that edition. Myself, I was taken in by the black & white version with its dynamic structures and contrasts of clouds and sky gradually toning down to the muted glimmer of the lake and surrounding trees.  In reality, I’m sure there are other’s that would look at both and say, “They both suck!” The point is, don’t limit yourself to one way of thinking. Ask for other opinions and suggestions. It will only make your photography better.  That’s it for this short shout out. Have a good night.