Change is Good

Change is good. I’m sure you’ve heard that before.  This edition of my blog is a part of change. It’s the changing of seasons.  The promise of some things new and fresh. A time of new birth and new life.  For this blog and my efforts here, it is also a time of change.  This posting marks the final post to my current or “old” web site. It also marks the first post to my new website, “Jim Rook Photography”. The link I’m hoping you’ll place into your favorites now is . You may note that a link to my old site is also noted near the top of the right hand column. Yes, you can still go back and check out the earlier blogs. Many of you have made comment from time to time about some of my photo’s and I don’t want to miss out on your criticism and words of wisdom or encouragement in the future.

Still, I’m thinking your asking, “Why the change?” Well, right now this blog seems to be the best way I have to place my images before a number of people and get their feedback.  It’s been a great opportunity to grow. At the same time, I’ve felt limited in what features were available at the current site. I wanted to be able to show more and let you more easily wander through different locations and categories of pictures. So, with the help of RC Concepcion’s new book “Get Your Photography on the Web”, I made the move.  A slow move, tortoise like you might say. However, I believe I’m at the point to launch, so please stay with me.

To go along with this posting. It seemed appropriate to enter some photos that make one think of new life and maybe bring a smile. Thus, the lead picture is of leaf buds emerging from our maple trees. It’s very cool to take a peek at these each day and see what kind of progress they are making and what changes are taking place.  And finally, I have a couple of feathered creatures ( house finch and little woodpecker) that can’t control themselves when food is at hand. As always, I hope you find some enjoyment in these photo’s and those to come. Please continue to join me on my journey.