Part II Frosted Creations

White Pine

Today’s feature is Part II of Frosted Creations.  As mentioned in yesterday’s post, our area was cursed by multiple days of fog and low clouds. No sun. No snow. Just fog. But as usual, we didn’t understand the plan. For on the last couple of days that the front lingered on, the high humidity combined with cooler temperatures provided the ideal conditions for turning simple things into something special.

Frosted Vines

Travel wasn’t a hinderance to take these shots. The furthest point of capture was less than 150 feet from our house.  Yes, all the objects were here at home; right under my nose. When you think about that, it’s really kind of amazing .  I mean, we go on spectacular trips and travel for hundreds of miles sometimes and only hope we will come home with a few memorable photos. No question these trips are great to experience, share and photograph. But I always kind of smile and shake my head when days like this come around and all of this backyard beauty just pops out in front of you.

Maple Seeds

It seems crazy how that shriveled up grape cluster, dried out flower or shrunken fruit can be transformed into an object of beauty. Kind of like life isn’t it?  We can be pretty judgmental about what and who is right or can perform to “our” standards.  But it is those people, animals, or things that we expect the least from that will often surprise us. The right opportunity just needs to be there to give them a chance to shine.

Black Hills Spruce Boughs

After days of photographic stalemate in this winter of brown, something finally happened which sparked some internal creativity. All in all, finding that splendid photographic subject to capture is again similar to the quote from August Rush; “The beauty is all around you. You just have to look and see.”  Thanks for stopping by and I hope one or more of these photos brightened your day.  Have a great night and sleep well.