The Final Classic Trails of Winter

North Loop

The winter that wasn’t is slowing beginning to give way to the longer days and call of spring.  However, the frosty season isn’t about to give up easily. A week ago we received the heaviest snow of the season; 12″ of white stuff.  So, having had few opportunities to enjoy the winter, we made a spur of the moment decision and headed up to Maplelag again.  Although they didn’t receive the same dump of snow as we did further south, they accumulated over 2 feet of snow in February and had a fresh 4 inches waiting for us upon our arrival Saturday morning.

Spruce and Pines

Snow and woods can have an amazing affect on people. That has to be true because we always seem to meet the greatest people when we go on a skiing weekend.  Pleasing glides that first day were kind of hit and miss as we broke some trails and thoroughly enjoyed those that were newly  groomed.   Amid all of the undulating trails, the scenes were bright and cheery and encouraged one to keep on going. Needless to say, after 30k it was good to shower and sit down to a great brisket supper and Russian custard with raspberries.

Frosty Morning Glow

Sunday morning I was out before sunrise cruising the trails east of Bullhead Lake. Coming back up the hill on the west side of the lake, I was greeted to frosted trees, glowing as they reflected beams of the rising sun.  Yep, it was going to be another great day. We didn’t have to wait long for the next snow. Our table of skiers hadn’t finished eating breakfast when the clouds suddenly moved in and huge flakes of snow were falling again. But as quick as the snow burst started, it was over and the clouds moved on.

Susan on Island Lake Trail

I had enjoyed the trip out on Island Lake Trail the previous afternoon and this morning Susan joined me for a trip through the forest on the single pair of tracks. It was a terrific morning ski as the Chickadees and Nuthatches sang away.  The hammering and occasional call of a couple of competing Pileated Woodpeckers also humored us as we went along the 10k trail. Yep, it was a wonderful experience to share together.

Luckys Loype in the Pines

Our final morning of skiing began with a hint of deja vu as the trails once again were blanketed with a fresh inch of snow during breakfast. Thus the stage was set for the final chance to kick and glide for another year.  As the temperature rose to near 30, the trails became a little slower and the kick less aggressive in the new snow. Needless to say, the hot shower before lunch felt very good. Was it all worth it? I asked myself that after we had slid our tired and aching muscles into the car and headed down the road toward home. Flicks and glimmers of the scenes, sounds and moments of the weekend ricochetted through my mind as I chewed on my last Maplelag cookie. I smiled and turned to see that Susan had dozed off .  She was all ready dreaming about those final classic trails of winter. Yes, it was all without a doubt well worth it.  Here’s wishing you a great night. Sleep well.