Sledding Memories

Hailey's Sled

Remember when you were a kid and you longed for that Christmas day when you would find a Flyer waiting for you by the tree?  You know, those little steel runner sleds that would fly down a hill so long as the snow was either crusted over or just a few inches deep.  Maybe I’m showing some age here but some of my greatest memories as a kid are from those cold winter days when I’d be laid out flat on one of these little rockets shooting head first down one of the long and steep Hidewood hills back home.  Good times. Good friends. Great memories.

Hailey's Sled in Snow

With grand-kids of my own, I got to thinking about that sled a couple of years ago. Thinking about what was so great about it and then remembering the feeling of zooming into a deep pile of fluffy snow and getting a face full.  So I set out to see if I could make a better one.  As you can see by the pictures above, the sled I made had a top that was quite similar in appearance to the old Flyer. Thin and narrow ash boards to keep it light but sturdy and a cross-piece in front to hang onto and try to steer. However, instead of slender steel runners, my version consisted of the front half or so of  an old pair of cross-country skis. Narrow enough to allow some steering ability and yet wide enough for a youngster to float on top of the snow.  Well, the first one was a success (at least until one of the skis snapped) and the next year another grand-daughter received her sled. With grand-daughter number 3 now approaching a year of age, I guess I’ve to start working on another one…. and yes, get Hailey’s set up with some new runners.  By the way, it is reported that these sleds really fly; just like their namesake. Hope this brought back some great memories and a few chuckles for you as well. Have a nice night.