Adventures In The Woods

Adventures in the Woods - Millie at 3 months 11 days

Adventures in the Woods – Millie at 3 months 11 days

Life is an ever-changing adventure. Light makes things sparkle and glow. Beyond light there are shadows and with each whisper of breeze there is movement and a rustling sound; all of which stimulates the mind. It is so joyfully entertaining to observe a child, a lamb or puppy or kitten. Every thing is new. Each waking moment is different. Life is an adventure!

So it has been with our Millie. Pausing to glance behind my chair, she lies sleeping and dreaming. Her sinuous, golden body stretches over five feet now from her sensitive black nose to the tip of her constantly wagging tail. Boundless energy is encased beneath long curls of orange and tan. With her body twitching occasionally, one can only imagine what spirited chase is presently racing through her mind. It’s hard to believe that it was only seven months ago that she first joined us on our walks walks through the prairies of Brophy Park and woods of Runestone Park. At just three months of age, the expanse of woods, tall grass, marsh and lakes presented a multitude of mysteries to her. New scents were behind every stump. Unusual sounds filled the air and imaginary beings dodged her endless pursuits. Now at over 60 pounds of muscle and bone mounted on legs that yearn to race with the wind, she explores ahead, behind and around me on our walks.

I can only shake my head at how quickly time and events have escaped me. Similar to Millie, our grandchildren continue to mature as well, although at a naturally slower stride. Thanks goodness for that. Still the pace seems dramatic as they demonstrate fresh and distinctive skills or talk about endlessly fluctuating topics upon each visit. The joy and curiosity are similar though and I can’t wait to see the expressions the younger ones display when they join Millie next spring for adventures in the woods.